Wow, thank you! You see, I'm giving a presentation at a university this Wednesday about the importance of respecting the pronouns of gender minorities in an inclusive and safe environment. I like to give an example of the bigotry that we face and here you provide an example where you explicitly say that you refuse to respect a minority group. It's better than anything I could have made up. I would have been more dog-whistlely but here you say it right out loud.

Also, thank you for proving my point. Trans people did not invent the word cisgender. It's a word from social science like caucasion or heterosexual. If you don't have an issue with those words but you do have a problem with cisgender, your issue isn't with the word. It's with the minority group it is used to discuss. It's that you are transphobic, a bigot toward trans people, as you just admitted.

You call it hooey, yet you confirm the thesis.

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