What does “non-binary” actually mean?

Addi answers the non-binary question again.

Addison Smith
5 min readApr 27


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Hello Humans! This is Ask Addi starring . . . no, that’s not, no. Featuring? With? Eh.

Anyway, I’m Addi, Addison Smith, and in these videos, I answer questions that people have about the LGBTQ+ community, trans issues, and sometimes just personal questions.

Why ask me? Well, I’m fairly intelligent, but more importantly, I’m old and have been through a bit.

When I came to accept that I’m a transgender person, I studied gender theory as a way of understanding myself, so I have built up a bit of knowledge on these subjects.

I’m also an activist who speaks on diversity issues, and I’m trans, a transfeminine non-binary person who has been out for about a decade now.

I’ve got some experience dealing with crap trans people and queer people in general face. For instance, this question:

I’ve seen you use the term “non-binary” a lot. What does that actually mean? How can you be something other than a man or a woman? Why use “they” instead of he or she? — Confused

I know that doesn’t seem so crappy, but I didn’t include the whole message. It devolved.

However, it does deserve an answer because there are well-meaning people who don’t understand. So let’s break this down.

There are a couple of bits of information that you need to really get this. Unfortunately, they’re both kinda complex, so all I can really do in this short form is introduce you to the topics.

First, human biological sex is not the binary that most of us are taught it is.

The whole business of XX equals woman and XY equals man basically comes from a fifth-grade science reader . . . from 1984.



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