Two more transphobic trolls ask questions.

Addison Smith
4 min readOct 30

Addi answers two questions from people whose questions are actually just attempting to slander trans folx. “Why encourage people who are mentally ill?” and “I don’t want to be called cisgender, and you shouldn’t be called trans; isn’t that what you want?”

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Hello, Humans! It’s me, Addi! And this is Ask Addi! And this is way over the top!

Hi, I’m Addison Smith. I answer questions into a camera. I’m really enjoying it. Even when I get questions from trolls, like the two — yes, two again — that I’m going to tackle today. If you want to talk over the top, let’s look at these questions.

From Concerned in Kentucky.

Why are you encouraging people who are mentally ill when they should be getting help?

Concerned, you are misinformed. It’s something trans people have to deal with all the time. People who think they’re being compassionate to the poor trans people but who really have no idea what they’re talking about and are spreading dangerous misinformation.

Trans people are not mentally ill. Mentally ill means that you have difficulty dealing with your everyday life. You have a delusion, a mood or personality disorder, something like that. Being trans is not any of that.

Being trans is rooted in neurology. It’s hardwired into a person. It’s just a way of being a normal, if not typical, way of being human. The scientific community once did call being trans a disorder. Then they did the research.

(Actually, they redid the research starting in the 80s and continuing to today. There had been research in the past. Anyway.)

Just notice the order there. First, they declared a portion of the population to be nuts, and then they did the research, found out they were wrong, and basically said “oops” and removed being trans from all the lists of mental disorders.

Addison Smith

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