How a Disability Can Turn a Good Day into a Bad Week

I had a great day, and then the symptoms of hEDS disrupted the rest of my week.

Addison Smith


Between shooting episodes of “In Bed with hEDS” on the days I have to call off due to hEDS symptoms, and while questions for a new run of “Ask Addi” accumulate, I’ve begun producing unscripted videos on random topics. What follows is an essay adapted from the transcript of one of those videos.

Hello, Humans!

I’ve decided to start doing more casual videos instead of the more elaborate greenscreen productions I usually do on this channel just to get some more thoughts out of my head and into the universe.

In this first one, I want to tell you about my day on Monday. It was my day off from my job, and I went to Indianapolis. I live about an hour outside of Indianapolis, and I had a doctor’s appointment because of my various medical issues. I often go down to Indy to see a doctor instead of seeing one where I live because the hospital lacks the services I need here.

And you know, when you have EDS and ADHD, and you are trans, it’s a lot. So I went down in the morning, had a doctor’s appointment, and decided to make a day of it.

I went to the Hamilton Town Center, an open-air mall with streets instead of corridors. I walked around a lot and bought new shoes- nothing special, just shoes for my incredibly high arches. I stopped at a restaurant and had a delicious meal: three empanadas and a salad. Livery is the restaurant’s name, in case anybody cares. And it was- oh, my gosh- so good.

And then I had dessert. I usually don’t have dessert because, you know, I’m old and I gain weight at the drop of a hat, but this was a tres leches cake served with homemade chocolate ice cream. It was chocolate tres leches, chocolate ice cream, and a swirl of chocolate-cinnamon whipped cream.

Oh, my God. It was.

Oh, my God.

Anyway, I went to World Market to just browse and Goodwill to shop because, you know, I can’t buy anything at World Market; it’s too expensive, but I can buy things at Goodwill. Of course…



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