Do you have suggestions for supporting your trans kid?

Addi answers a parent’s question about what they can do to support their kid.

Addison Smith
5 min readOct 30


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Hello, humans.

Welcome back to Ask Addi, where I, Addison Smith, answer your questions.

Wow, that sounds pretentious. Self-aggrandizing even. I’m . . . I’m not a self-aggrandizing kind of person. Most people who know me think I have self-esteem issues.

So why am I doing this? Well, I learned about gender theory, neurology, and queer theory and familiarized myself with the social issues and politics around queer people, all in an effort to figure myself out as a trans person and what it means to be trans in our culture.

I wanted to know what I was in for if I came out. One of the most important things I learned, if not the most important thing, is that queers give back. Everyone in the LGBTQ community has put has to put up with a lot of crap. We lose friends, family, jobs, homes, and more because of the way our culture treats us.

So when we can, we give back to the community because that’s where we find support. That’s where we find family our chosen family. So when we can, we provide that support for others. These videos are only possible because of the generosity of the queer community.

Also, my kid is part of the community. They are also non-binary and gay. Some of the questions I answer can help them out. I’m not privileged to live with them, so creating something that they can see online, I hope, will be something that they can be proud of.

This video series is my way of giving back. I’ve learned things, I know how to teach, and I’m older than I look, so I’ve seen some stuff. Combine that with my media production skills, and you get this video series.

It also gives me a chance to help people by answering questions like this.



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