“Are ‘Gender Neutral’ and ‘Gender Bender’ passé?”

Ask Addi Episode 4 Transcript

Addison Smith
6 min readMar 2


For those who are unaware, I produce videos on LGBTQ+ topics and hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which I distribute on my YouTube channel.

For those who don’t have the time or ability to watch, you’ll find the script for the fourth episode of “Ask Addi” below. Since it is a teleprompter script, the format is probably a bit choppier than you’re used to. I’ve included some of the graphics I used in the video, but I left out the intro and end tag where I ask viewers to like and subscribe but feel free to go to YouTube and do so.

Hello Humans! Welcome back to Ask Addi. I’m the eponymous Addi, Addison Smith.

First, I have to address that “I’m Back!” video I did a few months ago in which I bragged about all the upcoming content.

The fact is, I did have several episodes recorded, and I was busy editing them, and then I realized that I hated them.

Not the content or my delivery; that was fine, as always.

No, what I kept getting stuck on was the set and the lighting, and the way they interacted with the editing.

So I threw out all those recordings, built a new table, got this chair without the shadow-casting arms, and reset the lights.

Ready to film again! Then this happened.

Addi in their neck brace.

My hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome led to Craniocervical Syndrome.

Basically, the bones in my neck were sliding around, causing me issues like neck pain, headaches, breathing issues, trouble swallowing, arm pain, and on and on and on.

The skull and cervical spine.

Wearing the collar a few hours a day puts things back in place, so I’m feeling somewhat better.



Addison Smith

I’m an LGBTQ+ DEI educator, activist, and writer living in the Midwest with my cat. Call me Addi. They/She. Booking and more info at https://addisonsagenda.com